Welcome to our video page devoted to luxury travel

In 2017 Travel ICONIC, an independent digital media company was producing a series of videos that was devoted exclusively to luxury travel. We answered to the casting call and auditioned, and were chosen to be in the pilot videos. we were very excited and together we want to build a digital experience to entertain and educate our clients how we find the perfect vacation


Alberobello, Italy

With its iconic stone-domed Trulli homes, Alberobello is unlike anywhere else in the world. Ever wonder what it’s like inside one of these 500 year old homes? In a completely spontaneous moment, Sil & Marc find out, when they are invited in to a local Truli for a whilrwind tour and an armful of gifts from a total stranger!


Masseria San Domenico

For the history lover who likes to travel in style, Masseria San Domenico is a rare treat, a five-star resort built around a fully restored 15th century watchtower used by the Knights of Malta. Join Sil & Marc as they explore the citrus and olive groves, ancient structures, and enjoy the resort's organic home-grown fare.


Alpha Romeo classic car touring

A classic Southern Italian coastline, a vintage Italian sports car, and a private guide make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hosts Sil and Marc Frappier cruise the Adriatic coast in a vintage Alpha Romeo Spider, in an experience arranged by Puglia Auto Classica, an auto club with over 500 vintage cars available for custom guided driving experiences.


Cave of Matera, Italy

Luxe Less Known host Sil Frappier takes surprise-planning to the next level, when she secretly arranges a private birthday dinner for her husband Marc in a 2500 year old Matera cave with a private chef. After a day of touring this ancient city, Marc is wowed by the ultimate man-cave, plus an amazing seven-course dinner prepared by an incredibly talented local chef.


Puglia and Basilicata, Italy

Discover Southern Italy’s two best kept secrets, Puglia and Basilicata. These two regions along the Adriatic coast offer up some of the most unique scenery and culture in Italy. From the ancient caves of Matera to culinary artisans to the exotic UNESCO world heritage site of Alberobello, Luxe Less Known’s Silvana Frappier provides a professional traveler’s take on what to do and where to go in a iconic region that has yet to be overwhelmed by tourists, though that may not last for long, as one of it’s main attractions, Matera, has been named a European Capital of Culture for 2019. 


Matera, Italy Part 1

Matera is one of Italy’s most Iconic destinations, and also one of its best kept secrets. One of the world’s oldest cities, from its caves to its food to its stunning beauty, it is a must-see for travelers who love Italy. Featured in films as diverse as Wonder Woman, the Last Temptation of Christ, and Ben Hur, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has recently been named the 2019 European Cultural Capital.


Matera, Italy Part 2

Sil and Marc take an insider’s tour of this 2019 European Capital of Culture with Southern Visions Travel's guide Ana, one of the city’s finest and most passionate tour guides. Join them as they explore the city’s most beautiful cultural treasures, walk it’s cobblestoned streets, and marvel at breathtaking views unlike any other in Italy.